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Our team is enthusiastic and fun-loving, giving our studio a vibe that is unique Arcadia. Together we inspire each other to create innovative, award-winning designs.

Alex Longley

Alex founded Arcadia in 2011 to establish a landscape firm that is driven to create world-class landscape outcomes. His passion for connecting people with the landscape, and his longstanding industry relationships built on his ability to deliver exceptional projects, have helped Arcadia become one of the leading landscape architecture firms in Sydney. Also key to Arcadia’s success is the way Alex’s belief in nurturing team development has built a talented team within a collaborative workplace environment. Alex has provided the inspiration for a unique studio culture, including Friday BBQs on the deck, the annual ski trip and Arcadia’s famous Christmas parties. Known as “Bear” for his once legendary ability to sleep in, Alex’s obsessions include rugby, skiing, the beach and spending time with his two young sons.

Michael Barnett

Mike became a Principal of Arcadia in 2014….and not just to balance Alex’s Wallabies passion with his love of the All Blacks! Mike’s ability to create authentic and compelling open spaces is pretty useful as well. Mike excels at challenging the process and driving the team to deliver rigor and detail in their work. The results are project outcomes that exceed client expectations, strengthening Arcadia’s reputation for delivery of quality projects. With his laidback hipster vibe, you’d never guess he grew up on a farm in NZ. Any mention of motorbikes or snowboarding vacations will get a conversation started with this thrill seeker. With the least ‘popular’ taste in music in the office, he spends his weekends listening to bands you’ve never heard of….and his weekdays suffering through the music in the studio.

Craig Tennant

Craig joined as an Associate in 2015, strengthening the senior leadership at Arcadia. His experience managing larger scale projects provides an extra layer of high-level guidance to the studio as Arcadia takes on takes on projects of increasing calibre and scale. While not quite achieving his dream to play cricket for NZ, Craig did enjoy a stint as a professional cricketer in the UK, as well as gaining international landscape architecture experience at one of London’s leading studios. But the Kiwis in the office are glad the lure of Sydney’s beaches and golf courses proved too strong for this sports lover – they need the extra numbers for any Trans-Tasman banter in the studio.

Laura Pyne

A Christchurch native, Laura has been with Arcadia from the early days and has embraced Sydney’s harbour lifestyle. Laura’s passion for water and the coast is evident in her work, using local aquatic influences in public spaces that cater for all leisure needs. Winner of Happiest in the Office, the pace of everyday living here drives her nuts – why can’t everyone just chill out?

Kerby Allen

Kerby is our in-house Energiser Bunny. Whether it’s a night out, playing hockey or renovating her flat, Kerby’s stamina is phenomenal. She brings several years of experience on a variety of projects from large-scale master planning, to detailed landscape design. Refusing to leave the office until she’s sure everyone is on track to meet their deadlines, Kerby’s straightforward approach, strong technical knowledge and pragmatic processes are highly valued by clients and colleagues alike.

Sophie McNamarra

It’s evident the beautiful bushland around Sophie’s childhood home was useful for more than a setting for the best teenage parties; it’s had a lasting influence on Sophie’s design style, which is integrated, sustainable and meaningful. With an impressive knowledge of song lyrics, Sophie sings while she works – its just one of the reasons she’s been crowned “Little Miss Sunshine”, along with her sunny nature and because, come the weekend Sophie can be found basking in the sun, kicked back in a sunny beer garden or planning a sunny beach holiday.

Andrew Mason

Andrew is one of the core members of the Arcadia team and our original Kiwi. While not a morning person, this ice hockey player is renowned for his appetite and a natural design flair that seeks elegant design solutions, often inspired by the richness and diversity of the local landscape environs. As the undefeated Arcadia champion, his karaoke skills are a thing of beauty as well…

Jonathan Leatheam

One of our talented Landscape Architects, Jonno cut his teeth working for Arcadia as a landscape technician while studying studying Landscape Architecture at UNSW. This on-the-job training is likely where he also developed the skills needed to win the Arcadia “Last One Standing” award. A passionate skier, Jonno is one of the stalwarts of the Arcadia annual ski trip. When it comes to his work, Johnno is particularly interested in water sensitive design and Early Childhood play settings that encourage learning and activity.

Jared Phillips

Recently joining us as a landscape architect, Jared is also undertaking a Masters of Urban Design and Planning. He should have kept his dreams to open a café to himself – with his love of cooking, he’ll definitely be scoring BBQ duties from now on. Luckily this fitness junkie is likely to work off the steaks with all the triathlons, swimming and bushwalking he enjoys when he’s not studying or at work.

Pip Meachin

Pip joined Arcadia to help spread the word about the amazing work the team is doing. The studio is her happy place – instead of spending the day trying to whip her kids, dog and messy house into shape, she gets to work on content for our website, social media, newsletters, awards and media. With our incredible view and fun team, what’s not to love about coming to work?

Aidan Smith

Lucky for Arcadia, Aidan gave up on his dreams to study dinosaur bones and is now in his third year of Landscape Architecture at UNSW. Aidan hones his skills working for Arcadia as a landscape technician and is also studying conservation and landscape management in his spare time. His favourite outdoor space is Federal Park at Glebe, where he loves the mix of the beauty of the Sydney Harbour foreshore and the fun of the dog park.

Gabriel Moczar

Gabriel is working part time for Arcadia as a landscape technician, as he enters his final year of his Landscape Architecture degree at UNSW. Nicknamed “Chef” (but not for his cooking skills!), Gabe is equally obsessed with football, music and building his skills as a landscape architect, where he’s developing a style that is hard-edged, simple and colourful.

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